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Handcrafted Airsoft Killer Patch, meticulously embroidered, offers a distinctive emblem for uniforms and apparel, available with sew-on, iron-on, and velcro options.
Size: 75 x 90 mm ( 2’9 x 3’5 inches )
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Airsoft Patch, an embodiment of thrill and precision, is a striking depiction of the Killer embroidery and Manhunter essence. It’s a vibrant fusion of art and resilience.

This Killer Patch is meticulously handmade, ensuring detailed precision and durable quality. Whether you prefer sew on, iron on, or velcro backings, this patch comes with all to suit your convenience. It integrates seamlessly with any Airsoft uniform patch, making it a versatile addition to your collection. The patch is enriched with custom embroidery, depicting the ruggedness and tenacity associated with the Manhunter embroidery. It’s not just a sleeve patch; it’s a statement, a reflection of the relentless pursuit, and the spirit of airsoft embroidery. The Embroidered elements within the patch speak volumes about its craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Looking for a unique embroidered gift? This patch is ideal! It’s the perfect enhancement for backpacks, jackets, and anime embroidered hoodies, even blending seamlessly with airsoft uniforms. The versatility of this patch, coupled with its vibrant design, makes it a standout gift for any occasion like birthdays or Halloween. The exquisite airsoft embroidery makes it a sought-after accessory for anyone who appreciates a blend of style and functionality. The hook and loop feature ensures easy application and removal, making it a convenient choice for everyone.

In essence, the Airsoft Killer patch is a blend of style, resilience, and precision. It brings forth the rugged essence of Manhunter, delivering a unique aesthetic appeal, making it more than just a uniform patch—it’s a symbol of tenacity and pursuit in the airsoft world.


Sew-on, Iron-on, Velcro


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