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Each patch is a homage to the legendary ronin and shōgun, featuring japanese embroidery that brings to life the formidable oni samurai and the stoic demon samurai. Whether you’re customizing a jacket, backpack, or adding a touch to your airsoft gear, our embroidered patches offer a durable and stylish way to express your admiration for these iconic warriors.

Choose from custom patch embroidery designs that resonate with the Bushido spirit, all available with iron on backing, velcro backing, or as a traditional sew-on patch. These patches are perfect for those who appreciate the fine details of Japanese patch artistry and are looking for a cool velcro patch to quickly update their look, or a sturdy sew-on patch for a more permanent fixture. Embrace the way of the warrior with our Samurai patches, a fitting tribute to the ronin’s journey and the shogun’s command.