Design your own patch

As some customers have a desire to get fully custom patches, using this option, we can make a special embroidered patch based on your own design. No matter a military, tactical, or even gaming-themed (WOW, COD, Team Fortress 2) patch it is. The steps are the same. Choose a size and a form of your future patch (the ones for jeans and jackets differ). Upload an image and choose what kind of backing you prefer (iron-on, sew-on, or Velcro). Wait a little, and here you are: due to fast shipping, it’s in your mailbox!

Determine your patch size

Determining the size of your custom embroidered patch is simple. Input your sizing below and we will automatically calculate it for you and rounded up to the nearest half inch!


Choose your shape

Choose Your Backing



Please provide any additional details regarding your custom patch order.

Upload An Image

Upload an image that our artists can use as a reference

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