Woman Samurai Patch Embroidered Sew on | Iron on | Velcro

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Woman Samurai Embroidered Sew-on / Iron-on / Velcro Patch

Size: 70 x 100 mm ( 2’7 x 3’9 inches )

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Delve into a world of elegance and bravery with our Woman Samurai patch! For aficionados of unique aesthetics and valiant figures, this patch is a radiant token of the blend of strength and beauty, encapsulating the fierce essence of a samurai and the delicate allure of a geisha.

This patch is a vibrant expression of Japanese style, merging tradition and artistry. It’s more than a decoration; it’s a narrative of resilience and grace, a tactile celebration of the harmonious blend of might and elegance inherent in the woman samurai and geisha ethos.

Whether you’re enhancing your apparel or infusing your accessories with a touch of spirited artistry, our Woman Samurai patch is your companion in this iconic symbol of valor and elegance.

Ready to embrace the spirit of the woman samurai? Dive into our store, grab this radiant patch, and wear the saga of valor and elegance with pride!

Perfect for jackets, vests, hats, totes, bags, costumes, or many other apparel types of occasions.


Sew-on, Iron-on, Velcro

2 reviews for Woman Samurai Patch Embroidered Sew on | Iron on | Velcro

  1. Viktoria

    High-quality, very beautiful stripe, female samurai. Perfectly refreshed me hoodie, fastened very simple and high quality, do not tear off. It looks perfect.

  2. Billy

    Cool thing! Not long ago we went to the taiga, and with such a sticker, it is calmer and inspiring to go!

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