Rock Band Nirvana Patch Sew-on/Iron-on/Velcro Embroidered

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Rock Band Nirvana Embroidered Sew-on/Iron-on/Velcro Patch

Size: 80 mm ( 3’1 inches )

SKU: Other 87

Dive deep into the pulsating heart of rock nostalgia with our authentic Nirvana patch. A tribute to not just an iconic band but also the enigmatic genius of Kurt Cobain, this patch is a powerful emblem that speaks volumes. It’s more than an accessory—it’s an anthem, a sentiment, and a salute to an era that forever changed the soundscapes of music.

Each strand and thread of our nirvana patch is interwoven with passion and reverence, capturing both the band’s essence and the raw energy that Cobain brought to every performance. Whether you grew up on the electrifying riffs of the 90s or discovered the magic later, this patch binds all fans across timelines.

Adorning your jacket, vests, hats, totes, bags, guitar strap or costumes with our patch isn’t just about showcasing a logo; it’s about carrying a legacy. Made with top-quality materials and crafted to perfection, each patch ensures longevity, letting the timeless allure of Nirvana accompany you wherever you go.

So, are you ready to wear a piece of music history? Join the movement, feel the rhythm, and let our nirvana patch be the emblem of your rock soul. Step into our store and experience the resonance of a band that will never fade.


Sew-on, Iron-on, Velcro

2 reviews for Rock Band Nirvana Patch Sew-on/Iron-on/Velcro Embroidered

  1. Diana

    What a cool design, my son is going to love this patch from Nirvana, it looks great quality and has a great price.

  2. Andrew

    I love the band nirvana! Let it be a little wrong, but it’s even more fun! cool, thanks!

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