Uchiha Itachi patch Embroidered Akatsuki patch Naruto embroidered gift Sharingan embroidery


Iconic Itachi Uchiha patch from Naruto, showcasing Akatsuki embroidery. Perfect for anime enthusiasts!

Size: 85 mm ( 3’3 inches )

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Dive into the Naruto universe with our Itachi Uchiha patch. This Anime patch vividly captures Itachi’s story of loyalty, power, and sacrifice.

Our team meticulously crafted the Itachi patch to showcase the iconic Akatsuki embroidery. This Akatsuki patch embodies Itachi’s pivotal role in the covert group. You can choose how to attach it: sew it on, iron it on, or use the handy velcro. This Naruto patch isn’t just an accessory; it celebrates the Uchiha prodigy’s journey in the Naruto series.

Need a gift for an Anime fan? This Anime embroidery delight is perfect. It spices up outfits, from backpacks to jackets. Imagine it as a hoodie patch or an emblem on airsoft gear. It seamlessly combines style with fandom, making it a must-have for Naruto fans.

Note: Our handmade patch offers a touch of artisan craftsmanship. Plus, we provide custom embroidery options. Whether you love traditional sew on embroidery or prefer the hook and loop method, we cater to all preferences.


Sew-on, Iron-on, Velcro


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