Flaming dice patch Handmade Airsoft embroidery Gaming cubes patch


Handcrafted Flaming Dice patch with detailed Dice embroidery. Perfect for airsoft gear, jackets, and more. Easy sew on, iron on, and velcro application.

Size: 80 x 95 mm ( 3’1 x 3’7 inches )

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Flaming Dice patch showcases a Dice embroidery, blending gaming excitement with exquisite design. Handcrafted with care, this Handmade patch is a tribute to the unpredictable joy of dice games. Its Handmade embroidery captures every intricate detail.

For an Airsoft patch collector, its sew on, iron on, and velcro backings ensure versatility. Think of gifting? This patch fits snugly on backpacks, jackets, or even as a notable hoodie embroidered patch. For occasions from birthdays to Halloween, or to a dedicated airsoft embroidery fan, it’s a hit!

In short, it’s not just a Gaming cubes patch; it’s a mark of passion and play. Ready to roll the dice?


Sew-on, Iron-on, Velcro


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