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Operator Chan’s Anime Airsoft patch blends anime artistry with top-tier Airsoft embroidery. Featuring versatile backings like iron on, sew on, and velcro, this Anime iron on patch is perfect for hoodies, sleeves, and more. Elevate your gear with this unique anime morale patch!

Size: 85 mm ( 3’3 inches )

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Operator Chan Patch

Welcome to Operator Chan’s world, where Anime Airsoft meets unmatched craftsmanship. This is not just any patch; it’s an Anime embroidery patch that resonates with both the spirit of Airsoft and the heart of anime fandom.

Brought to life with meticulous Airsoft embroidery, this patch is a symbol of passion and precision. Whether you’re an anime enthusiast or an Airsoft player, our Anime iron on patch feature ensures you can wear your heart on your sleeve, or hoodie, or backpack!

For those who crave versatility, this patch isn’t just about the iron-on. Choose from our Anime embroidered hoodie patch for that favorite hoodie of yours or opt for the classic sleeve patch. Whatever your style, we have a backing to match – be it iron on, sew on, or the ever-reliable velcro patch.

For the die-hard fans out there, our Anime morale patches offer that extra touch of identity, telling your unique story. Crafted with care using top-tier airsoft embroidery techniques, each patch promises durability and detail. And with our custom embroidery option, there’s room for that personal touch.

Secured with a dependable hook and loop system, Operator Chan patch is both stylish and practical. Whether it’s for a gift, a personal collection, or to make a statement on the field, Operator Chan’s patches are the perfect blend of Anime and Airsoft spirit. Secure yours today!


Sew-on, Iron-on, Velcro


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