Halloween Smile Cannabis-eyes Patch Embroidered Sew-on | Iron-on | Velcro


Halloween Smile Cannabis-eyes Embroidered Sew-on / Iron-on / Velcro Patch

Size: 80 mm ( 3’1 inches )

SKU: Hor 2

Lift your spirits and wardrobe with our Smile Cannabis Patch, uniquely designed to intertwine humor and the iconic symbol of relaxation.

High on Design: Our patch isn’t just a smile face; it’s embellished with playful weed eyes, making every glance a nod to laid-back vibes and cheeky fun.

Universal Appeal: Beyond its cannabis-themed design, the universally recognized smile face ensures this patch is more than just a statement—it’s a mood.

Easy & Versatile: Whether it’s your backpack, jeans, or cap, this patch seamlessly integrates, ensuring your style remains on a high!

Why Our Smile Cannabis Patch?

  • A perfect blend of fun and free spirit.
  • Quality craftsmanship for durability.
  • A fresh way to express your personality.

Embrace the mellow, playful essence of cannabis culture with this patch. It’s more than just an accessory—it’s a badge of lightheartedness and open-mindedness.

Lighten up your day, and those around you, by adding our Smile face Weed Patch to your collection. It’s a nod to a relaxed lifestyle, with a hint of mischievous fun.

Perfect for jackets, vests, hats, totes, bags, costumes, or many other apparel types of occasions.


Sew-on, Iron-on, Velcro


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